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Dubai City View


A new country, a new market, a different type of customer, and customer segmentation. 

The UAE is quite unique in its demographics build-up, 90% is expat, 10% is local. There are over 110 nationalities within this expat population. Wealth and income are vastly different from any other country. Rules and regulations have their local impact.  Information on the web tends to be outdated and certainly not accurate in this region. Where to start if you have an interest in the UAE?

In order to get a solid idea of the business opportunity for your organization, make sure you reach out to us.

With our host of services and years of experience in the local market, we can help you navigate depending on your needs and wants.

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With more than 15 years of combined experience spanning across several industry sectors, we understand your needs and advise you on your new business endeavours and the best way forward: be it a setup in a Free Zone or a setup in UAE Mainland, individual or corporate shareholder, flexi desk or office space or even ensuring a smooth business operation on an everyday basis.

We know all the ins and outs, all the possible problems you might face any issues you might encounter while setting up your business, but more importantly - we know how to avoid them.


There are various ways of accessing the exciting opportunities presented by the UAE. A presence on the ground can assist significantly in positioning your business in the global market while providing you with direct control.

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OrangeHyve can provide you with end-to-end visa services for you, your family, and your employees.


If you have a business in the UAE, it is recommendable that you obtain a UAE Residence Visa, as this facilitates banking and ease of doing business, while simultaneously creating substance for your business.

We can assist with the visa application from start to finish. We will apply for the visa entry permit, and personally assist you with the compulsory medical exam and Emirates ID application, and visa stamping procedures. In other words, we will ensure you will obtain your residence visa without any hassles and can also facilitate your visa renewal or visa cancellation on your behalf.

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Corporate Bank Account:


We understand the importance of opening a corporate bank account for your newly set up business in the UAE.  Our team of experienced professionals and vast network of banking professionals understand your company’s specific banking needs and will provide you with detailed assistance, so your bank account opening will be a smooth process.


Personal Bank Account:


There are various reasons why you or one of your family members may need to open a personal bank account in the UAE. You might be living here and are looking for a bank to safe-keep your money in a stable country/currency with a reliable banking system, or often receive payments or need a chequebook to make deposits.

We have good contacts at all UAE banks and we can assist you with selecting the right type of account as per your needs and we will prepare the required documentation for the account opening


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Managing a subsidiary of your company in another country can be tricky or even disastrous. A lack of control, full oversight, and insights can quickly impact your brand, clients, finances, and so on.


Also, when can you afford to send your best employee to manage the overseas entity? 

(a) leaving a void behind in your domestic market and operations,

(b) manage the cultural transition for your organization, the employee him/herself as well as their family,

(c) incur running up costs with little to no guarantee of success

Or have a local team in place that is lacking performance and you just do not have the bandwidth or resources to get the operations back on track in any sustainable way. You want a person that speaks your language and understands your local way of doing business. Someone who is experienced to manage your business locally, based on trust, reliability, and strong ethics.


We can provide you with qualified candidates for interim management. 


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OrangeHyve is an external Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider. As an RPO provider, we can act as an extension of your company’s HR. We can fulfill your recruitment requirements across country-aligned, multi-regional, or global remits.


At OrangeHyve, we help you find the best people and build successful teams. We find exceptional leaders who are in tune with your markets and the culture of your organization. We develop close and effective working partnerships with you to ensure we understand your strategic issues and search requirements. This relationship is based on listening, integrity, and trust. Success in search requires being in tune with local markets.


We understand emerging regional issues and provide you with important local insights when recruiting in the United Arab Emirates.


We will provide the basic RPO components you need most. We will take care of talent sourcing, recruitment administration, and candidate screening and provide all additional support to ensure successful recruitment.


Executive Search RPO:

Through our Executive Search RPO, we will target recruits who possess very specific skills in a specific area. We ensure organizational competency in a particular discipline to increase the number and quality of applications, especially for difficult-to-fill positions. This will reduce your cost per hire.


Talent provision:

Rapid response to your talent shortages. Within a short timeframe, we can connect you with high-quality professionals.

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