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Your Gateway to the UAE

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Business support and advisory

Look before your leap

The UAE and the GCC are very attractive markets. Strong leadership, a thriving economy, a friendly business climate, and a growing population.

Doing business and building a sustainable business is a different game. Be smart and let us support you in your business expansion plans. Navigating you across all the common errors many others made at high expense.

OrangeHyve showcase on RTL Z Television (Dutch only)

What we offer

Get to Know Us

Our founder's team is composed of 3 international business veterans. Besides our own unique added value and experience, we all have a few things in common: Entrepreneurship, Dutch roots, solid track records, and many years of experience doing business in the UAE.   

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Francesca Bouwman

15 years of experience in Company Management Services

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Bob Sørensen

25 years of experience in Management Consulting, Business Transformation

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Peter Heijsteeg

30 years of experience in Senior management and advisory

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